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As the Internet has gained popularity with consumers, and more and more people have begun researching products, companies, and public figures before investing their time or money in them, online reputations have become more and more difficult to manage. Putting content up on the Internet is relatively easy, but having negative content removed can borderline impossible. The founders of Reputation Changer noticed the need for online reputation management and in February of 2010 established ReputationChanger.com, the ultimate authority in online reputation management.  

ReputationChanger filled a gap in the public relations industry by offering services that exclusively address the need to maintain a positive online reputation. A great online image is crucial for any organization, public figure, or professional who wants to succeed. The old saying “all press is good press” is, unfortunately, incorrect, as bad press can ruin a career quickly. But, with Reputation Changer, you do not have to worry about your online reputation at all; the professionals at ReputationChanger.com can maintain a healthy online image for you. By strategically composing and distributing positive content about you or your organization, the experts at Reputation Changer can move all of the negative search listings off of the front page of Google’s search results. As most people do not look passed the first page of results, this will greatly improve your reputation– both by increasing the positive amount of press about you and moving the negative content out of sight.

 The creative structure of a Reputation Changer campaign has really changed the world of public relations. No longer do celebrities, public figures, and even average professionals have to worry only about paparazzi and local news. The Internet displays your indiscretions for everyone to see. For the sake of your success, isn’t it worth it to get as much positive press out there as you can?

When you are ready to clean up your online image, contact Reputation Changer. Awarded the 2010 Best Reputation Management Service by Public Relations Magazine, ReputationChanger will be able to spin negative content by counteracting it with positive articles, press releases, and social network profiles. This positive press will push the negative press off the first page of a Google search, resulting in a cleaner reputation and a more successful career.


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